What is the Singapore Grand Prix?

The Marina Bay Street Circuit is located in the state of Singapore. The track is distinguished by its traditionally nocturnal grand prix with artificial lighting and the direction of movement counter-clockwise (as on Interlagos and Yas Marina).
the Singapore Grand Prix

Facts about the Circuit

In 2008, it became the first urban highway in Asia and accepted the first Formula 1 Grand Prix. The maximum speed of modern cars F1 is about 300 km per hour, the minimum speed is about 100 km. Asphalt was specially developed by Shell engineers, it provides a higher grip. It is curious that 15 thousand tons of asphalt was laid in one night. Before each singapore race there is a special fencing – about 2000 blocks, which is dismantled after the race. The pride of the circuit is lighting, the slogan of the grand prix is “It’s as light as a day”. On the track there are 240 supports and 1500 floodlights, each with a capacity of 2000 watts, the total power of lighting is more than three million watts.

In 2013, the organizers of the Grand Prix cleared the chicane in the 10th turn (Singapore Sling) and now on this site there is just a left turn with one apex. The speed in this area increased by 40 km / h, and the lap time decreased by about one second.

The track is twisted counter-clockwise. Formally, overtaking is possible only in a few turns (1, 7, 14), in practice it is extremely difficult to fight for a position here. There is also a high probability of a safety car appearance and the team takes into account this factor when developing a strategy. The track requires a high level of downforce, the load on the brakes is high.

The first and the third training pass early, in sunlight and in completely different conditions than the qualification and race, so that the information collected in them is not very relevant.

Description of the Route Marina Bay

  • The duration of the race is about 1 hour 57 minutes
  • Movement is counterclockwise
  • The length of the route is 5.065 km
  • Number of circles 61 circle
  • Racing distance 308.828 km
  • Number of turns 23
  • Number of shifts about 80 gears
  • The maximum speed 320 km / h with the DRS system (305 km / h without it)
  • Record of the Circle in the race 1.45.008, Hamilton, 2017
  • Record of the circle in the qualification 1.39.491, Vettel, 2017

The Marina Bay Grand Prix of Singapore was held 10 times in the period from 2008 to 2017.

Singapore Formula-1 comes for the 11th time. And, despite the specific climate and the difficulty of piloting with artificial lighting, the racers like it here. Yes, in general an exotic race in the dark and at the same time in the usual daytime for Europe is one of the pearls of the championship. No wonder the contract for the Grand prix of Singapore has just been extended and the race will be held here at least until 2021.

One of the important features of the urban Singapore route is the fact that engine power is not so important, a good chassis with weak motors has a chance here. And, therefore, the alignment of forces on this route, customary for this season, can change! It was assumed in advance that success here should accompany Ferrari. After several suitable for the Mercedes routes, this would be fine for maintaining intrigue in the championship.